Ontario News Highlights and Legislative Agenda for October 24


queens-park-dailyOntario News Highlight for October 24: Stunning upset in Niagara as 19 yr. old social conservative takes PC nomination


Sam Oosterhoff, a A 19-year-old social conservative university student, stunned the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership Saturday night, winning the nomination for a Nov. 17 byelection in the solidly conservative Niagara seat held by former PC leader Tim Hudak.

Oosterhoff’s surprise victory over PC president Rick Dykstra is a huge set back for PC Leader Patrick Brown who has been trying to present a more middle of the road image of late.

Oosterhoff will be facing off against Liberal lawyer Vicky Ringuette and Mike Thomas of the NDP, next month. Ontario’s new sex education curriculum was a central issue for many of  Oosterhoff’s supporters. Some of the teenager’s supporters marched with pro-life placards at voting locations on Saturday and distributed pamphlets with dead fetuses.

The religious right clearly helped  Oosterhoff secure the victory. The final tally was 662 votes to 501 for Dykstra, 245 for Mike Williscraft, and 235 for Niagara regional councillor Tony Quirk.

Saturday’s setback for Brown comes as the Tories appeared to be gaining momentum. They lead in most polls and have high hopes of winning the other Nov. 17 byelection in the Liberal stronghold of Ottawa-Vanier, where former Ontario ombudsman Andre Marin is their candidate.


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