Ontario Morning News Round-Up and Legislative Agenda for November 25


Ontario Morning News Round-up for November 25

  • On the same day Toronto Mayor John Tory called for $2 tolls for the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway and a new tax on hotel rooms, a City  staff report called for the implementation of a far broader range of revenue generators.
  • The Ontario Government has announced its next step in its ongoing efforts to reduce the gender wage gap – it’s creating a new working group  to advise it on the issue. The new group will provide guidance on how government can address specific issues and initiatives identified in the Gender Wage Gap Final Report, including:
    • Shared parental leaves;
    • A gender workplace analysis tool;
    • A social awareness strategy to help understand the effects of gender bias, the gender wage gap and the importance of closing the gap; and
    • Reviewing pay equity legislation.
  • The Ontario Federation of Labour is directing the 54 unions under its umbrella to negotiate paid leave for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in all collective agreements. The OFL was at Queen’s Park Thursday to talk with Labour Minister Kevin Flynn about enshrining such leave. NDP MPP Peggy Sattler currently has a private members’ bill at committee. Her Bill 26 would amend both the Employment Standards Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act to include up to 10 days of paid leave and accommodation for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Ontario Op-Eds and Editorials

  • Martin Regg Cohn believes that the constant accusations of corruption and criminality related to Liberal operatives’ activities in the Sudbury by-election that elected Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault, cheapen Ontario politics.
  • Bob Rae supports Toronto mayor John Tory’s proposals for toll roads but says low and moderate income Ontarians must be protected. The Star’s lead editorial also supports the mayor’s proposal while Thomas Walkom warns that while Tory’s proposal should be supported, the history of transportation planning in Toronto is such, that things may still go awry.
  • Bob Hepburn outlines the Wynne Liberals’ three-pronged strategy for re-election in 2018.


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Projected Ontario Legislative Business for Friday, Nov. 25

Main Chamber Business

There is no House business scheduled for today.

Ontario Legislature Committee meetings

There are no Legislative committee meetings scheduled for today.



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