The Ontario election: Why Doug Ford is the enemy of the “little guy”


by Ethan Phillips – May 29, 2018

What’s behind the Ford government policy agenda. To answer this question, it is probably necessary to explore a re-alignment of organized business interests that has been under way for a while now in Ontario but has accelerated under the Wynne government. This realignment has essentially seen a range of business lobby groups who historically worked  equally well with either a Liberal or PC government, move to the right and align themselves on policy matters with the PC’s and against much Liberal government policy, legislation and programs. In other words, at the present time, most business interests in this province see only a modest difference between the election of a provincial Liberal or NDP government, and have a very specific and detailed policy agenda that they have been talking to the PC’s about for a while.

This article explores the specifics of that policy and the interest groups behind it.

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