Canada Fact Check is an independent news platform dedicated to transparency, democratic reform, government accountability and corporate responsibility.

These goals are pursued through research, investigations, reporting and analysis.

The editor of Canada Fact Check is Ethan Phillips, a practicing public policy and government relations consultant with 35 years experience researching, writing and consulting on Canadian public policy issues. Areas of specialization include: financial services regulation, pension policy, auto insurance policy, internet regulation, trade agreements, labour market policy, hydro policy, class action opportunities, and corporate governance.

Ethan can be reached at ethan.phillips2@gmail.com and can be retained on a per diem, project basis or on an ongoing basis with a minimum of 5 days/month for as long as the client requires. Current clients include pension funds, law firms, credit unions and consumer groups. All inquiries are welcome.

Inquiries and tips for news stories are welcome and can be sent to: canadafactcheck@gmail.com. Canada Fact Check appreciates that there is sometimes a need for anonymity in the provision of news tips involving sensitive information and will guarantee anonymity as long as it is desired by a source.