Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau clash in debate over taxes and family policy

In this post, Canada Fact Check examines the different proposals put forward by the three major parties regarding personal taxes and family policy. The NDP has proposed a $15-a-day national child-care strategy, the Conservatives' family tax package features income splitting, and the Liberals have released a proposal that creates a new Canada Child Benefit. The Liberals: A revamped child benefit and a more progressive personal income tax system The biggest Liberal family related proposal by far is...

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Trudeau and Mulcair spar on deficits

With at least one poll suggesting Tom Mulcair’s New Democratic Party is within reach of securing a historic NDP majority government, the debate between the two opposition parties over fiscal policy has become considerably more pointed. In this post, Canada Fact Check takes a look at the latest polling numbers and then assesses the fiscal positions being staked out by the Liberals and NDP. First, the most recent polling numbers. The latest polls A Forum Research poll for...

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Mulcair vs. Trudeau: which leader has the truly progressive tax plan?

Canada Fact Check continues its election coverage with a look at the likely tax planks in the NDP and Liberal platforms. Mulcair and Trudeau on Harper Tax Cuts First, both Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Tom Mulcair have announced that if they form a government, they will cancel the Conservative “Family Tax Cut”, an income-splitting measure that primarily benefits higher-income earners. Both parties would also cancel the increase in the Tax free Savings Account (TFSA) to $10,000 which...

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